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Frank Huijben

New digital technologies in the areas of design and engineering, and more importantly, those in the area of manufacturing will force the building industry to re-think current building processes. In addition, these developments will establish new relationships. The emphasis for effective communication will be on the visualisation and mapping of information. My aim is to stimulate this interdisciplinary communication in the building industry.

To me, inspiration and enthusiasm are inextricably linked with innovation. I strive to effectively combine and apply digital design, analysis and manufacturing strategies, such as parametric design, structural optimisation and digital manufacturing, so as to come up with the most effective solutions for realising our built environment. I believe that a close collaboration between academia and the design practice is essential to achieve this in the most optimum manner.

Graduated as a structural designer and architect at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), I started my career with ABT as a structural engineer in 2008. In addition, from 2008 to 2014, I carried out a PhD research at TU/e commissioned by ABT. This PhD research, entitled Vacuumatics: 3D Formwork Systems, has been supervised by professor Frans van Herwijnen (TU/e – ABT) and professor Rob Nijsse (TU Delft – ABT). For more information, please refer to

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