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Frank Hofmans

At ABT, new opportunities and challenging projects are the order of the day and, as far as I am concerned, have been for the past 10 years. That, coupled with the friendly atmosphere among colleagues, is why ABT fascinates me as an organisation. We inspire and encourage each other to achieve better results.

I feel comfortable in a building when engineering and architecture come together. The details are what matter. The way in which lines connect, the smooth merging of the materials and how the rooms interrelate are interactions that determine the quality of the total. In order to achieve this, you have to be able to work well together, and where better to do that than within an organisation that has all the knowledge.

The challenge lies in the harmonisation of knowledge. We strive to achieve a high quality, which is why it is important to bring demand and knowledge together. By deploying the right people and using their strengths we will be able to achieve even more. That is where my qualities lie and I try to add value.

As a design leader, I unburden the client by anticipating what is important to them. I interpret their needs, worries and challenges and look for surprising solutions. Transparency and cooperation are essential.

The reuse of existing buildings particularly interests me. I see it as a challenge to find solutions through research, analysis and creativity, which sometimes means that you have to think outside the box. This gives additional momentum to my profession.

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