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Erwin ten Brincke

My forte lies in the area of national and international, highly complex projects, involving technological, financial and process aspects. My first priority is putting the client’s needs first. I achieve great satisfaction from the transfer of knowledge, particularly concerning glass. For example by conducting training courses and guest lectures at universities and colleges in the Netherlands and abroad.

Over the years, my experience has both broadened and deepened my knowledge. Broadened, thanks to my participation in major complex projects involving many different disciplines. And deepened, because of the specialist knowledge of glass, required within the projects themselves.

During my career with ABT, I have contributed to many projects. Projects I am especially proud of include Museum CODA in Apeldoorn and Linnaeusborg of University of Groningen. Of particular note is the Groninger Forum in Groningen. Here, interesting BIM objectives were focussed on, including clash detection, building-logistic planning, and cost control. The Groninger Forum is currently being completed. The highest structure in which our innovation and glass knowledge were applied is the Dubai I, with a height of 210 m.

I have been employed by ABT since 1999. After my graduation, I started as a constructor and subsequently advanced to the position of consultant.

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