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Diana de Krom

In my job, I like to be challenged. I love to learn new things and be creative at the same time. Whether this concerns technology or processes. At ABT, I find the challenges and projects that meet my aspirations.

For example, I greatly enjoy my involvement in the glass group. Here, I am able to apply both my practical and theoretical knowledge of glass. It is a great challenge to me, as a consultant, to contribute to the continued development and innovation of glass structures.

Collaborating in the group design optimisations is another source of great satisfaction to me. Design optimisation is becoming more and more important and this way of working is relatively new to us. It is great to be able to explore this path together with the group.

A project of ABT’s I am particularly proud of is the Mauritshuis. It is a complex subterranean project in the historic city centre of The Hague. Thanks to the careful planning of this project - both concerning technology and regarding the process - we obtained perfect results.

I studied Architecture at University of Applied Sciences level and Civil Engineering at University of Technology level. In my job, I greatly benefit from these two studies and the fact that I have learned to take both a theoretical and a practical approach towards projects. After graduating from the University of Technology, I worked with a contractor for glass structures. That is where I gained a lot of practical knowledge about glass. In 2001, I entered into employment with ABT in Delft. Since then, I have worked with great satisfaction on a wide diversity of projects.

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