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Di Fang
With a background in architecture and urbanism, my passion lies with the design of building environments. What ABT has that attracts me, is its wide range of in-house knowledge covering topics ranging from building to urban level engineering. On top of that, the integrated approach of ABT encourages cross-disciplinary teamwork and stimulates knowledge exchange between different fields. Working at ABT broadens my skills and deepens my understanding of building environments as a whole.
ABT is known for its extensive experience with building scales, I enjoy learning while designing technical details for architectural projects. ABT’s goal to expand  its expertise with Urban Engineering offers me the chance to contribute my urban knowledge as well as expand it. I would like to challenge how we can think innovatively and help develop concepts into real projects. My urbanism background gives me a keen insight into urban development trends, which can help shape the ABT’s urban engineering into a distinguished service in the market.
Coming from a traditional urban design background, I understand the importance of respecting people in design, which can easily be overlooked in projects. However, I also see that as technology develops, cities are getting more complex and new challenges are emerging. It is getting more difficult for monodisciplinary designers to get a grip on what is going on. Urban designers need to keep broadening their knowledge to continuously understand new possibilities for problem solving while keeping people in the centre of the image.

At ABT, I work closely with my colleagues who have knowledge in
energy, urban microclimate, infrastructure and computational design solutions. As a team, we are able to understand new technological solutions and be critical about them. Meanwhile, a human-centred integrated design approach is respected in our projects.

I graduated from TU Delft with a Master’s degree in Urbanism, in 2015. I have worked as an architect and urban designer in both small and large design offices in the Netherlands since then. My passion for design lies within the unlimited possibility of cross-disciplinary collaboration. I joined ABT in 2019, where I am part of the urban engineering group under the Oosterhoff Group innovation centre (the holding company of ABT).
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