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Congrui Zha

A lot of experienced specialists and young graduates work at ABT with great passion and creativity. The reason I choose to work here is that this company accepts new ideas and is able to put it into practice. ABT also knows the employees’ strength and interests, so they are placed in the right position. Last but not least, ABT cares about personal development and guides colleagues correctly.

I’m interested in advanced calculation and simulation for building physics and MEP. I believe that advanced simulation and algorithm models will be the future of building physics and MEP. I want to be the pioneer.

My strength is my computational design skills in combination with my knowledge of building physics. I discovered my interest when I was a student in Sweden. I further developed my interest of computational designing and building physics at TU Delft. I can offer our clients a relatively fast and accurate calculation or optimization consultation.

I currently work as a building physics engineer and as a computational designer at ABT. I developed some parametric algorithm models for energy calculation and electricity smart grid design. The optimization script is used in more and more projects.

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