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Chris van der Ploeg

For me working for ABT means helping realize spectacular projects. In addition I share the company's vision that parametrical designing and design optimization will result in even more efficient and sustainable projects. These innovations open the door to deal with today's increasingly challenging and complex designs, and with them ABT makes it possible to take steps into the future.

It is my passion to get the most out of a design. I always aim for the best possible result. For me it is a challenge to always go just a bit further than the first solution available!

As a multidisciplinary bureau ABT has a wealth of knowledge at its disposal. The best results will be obtained on the interface between several disciplines, which requires in insight into all disciplines. This insight is highly useful and offers the opportunity to extend one's own knowledge.

The value I add to the company is the combination of my experience with structural engineering and advanced calculation techniques. I see myself as an ambassador for the implementation of parametrical designing and design optimization techniques within projects.

During my studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands (TU Delft), Master programme Structural Engineering, I did my graduation internship at ABT. Apart from structural engineering I focused on BIM developments, parametrical designing and design optimization. 

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