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Casper Meijer

Working at ABT involves working on many different, high-profile projects, together with specialists from various disciplines. It is a great challenge to realise out-of-the-ordinary projects. In addition, ABT offers a lot of freedom during the execution of projects.

I love being challenged in my work. During the realisation of challenging projects, I am able to apply my knowledge of steel, wind turbine foundations, concrete, and building trenches. In addition, I have a broad technical interest, covering many disciplines besides my own.

What I find most important is to take away the clients’ worries. For example by providing advanced technological knowledge. And by closely collaborating with various other disciplines.

I have been employed by ABT since 2003. I have been involved in the building supervision of complex utility and civil-engineering projects. During the first few years, I worked as a supervisor. Later, I became a quality surveyor and specialist of steel structures. My specialisation regarding steel structures is corroborated by the diploma International Welding Engineer / Laspraktijk Ingenieur, obtained in 2012. During the realisation of various wind farms, both in the Netherlands and abroad, I am particularly involved in quality assurance.

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