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Designing a beautiful, buildable and functional building is what motivates me in my daily work. In this profession, I consider the cooperation with the client, the architect, the contractor, other consultants and, of course, my colleagues very inspiring.

At ABT I am responsible for designing buildings and small bridges in steel, concrete, wood and brickwork. Together with the architect and other consultants, I design a solution that best suits the needs and demands of the client. I subsequently supervise a team of constructors and Revit modellers who elaborate on the project to the extent that building can commence.

I am also represented in the management team of ABT Constructions in Delft. I supervise various project leaders, constructors and modellers. Furthermore, I am responsible for the day-to-day business of the constructions group.

Projects on which I have worked with much pride in recent years - and, in some cases, am still working on - are the expansion of INHolland University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam, de Kom Theatre in Nieuwegein, The New Office and Station hall in Delft, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences for Leiden University, WTC Utrecht and Hart van Zuid in Rotterdam.

Since my graduation, I have worked as a constructor, project leader and currently as a consultant in the field of building constructions. After a start with engineering firm Zonneveld I worked for several years at engineering firm Movares, after which I started in 2002 at ABT.

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