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Betty Aarts

My passion for building begins with a passion for 'Man & Technology'. People are building to simplify life and to make it more pleasant. They use all kinds of techniques for this – and they have done so for as long as humanity exists.

At ABT, I am able to connect these two aspects, 'Man & Technology'. I do this in collaboration with ABT specialists from all fields of expertise. My main driving force is to realise integral buildings for the client and the future users. The greatest part of the construction process is when the client can put the key in the lock and take the building into operation.

Construction projects with a high degree of complexity are just right for me. Bringing together all the different parties and views is my specialty – besides solving the technical tasks. Integrating different fields of expertise is important throughout the entire construction process.

As a project leader in construction, I use my knowledge for the realisation of the building – during both the design and the implementation phase. It is a challenge to bring together all the different parts of a design to create a building.

In addition, during my career, I developed as a specialist in BIM. Both in the area of setting up the BIM process and in the operational area, I have the necessary knowledge.

I look forward to advising you on realising your dream (building)!

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