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I believe an excellent architect needs a vast knowledge of aesthetics and design of buildings together with a broad understanding of the process of construction, sustainability, technology, and structure. ABT, as a multidisciplinary company, provides me the constant learning opportunity in different fields. It gives me a great opportunity to be involved in the projects concentrating on technology and the fundamental themes in today’s society, aligned with the requirements of modern architecture in the 21st century.

I always try to experience different fields and grasp science of architecture more deeply. Studying MSc in Building Technology (TU Delft), accompanied with my Bachelor in Architectural Engineering (SBU University), has given me the opportunity to have a sound knowledge about architecture from both an artistic and an engineering view. During my Bachelor study, I worked on a variety of residential, commercial, cultural and retail mixed-use projects from the initial design stage right through to completion. During my Master study, I mainly focused on the technological aspect of the buildings and the way these technical solutions are applied.

My previous working experience in the field of architecture in different countries has given me a very nice insight into the relationship between a building's space and its functionality, as well as architectural design's feasibility, which is an important factor to consider when designing. I always tried to employ state-of-the-art methods to overcome the obstacles during the design process. The knowledge I gained from these efforts heightens my interests and my desire for creation.

Since January 2019, I work as an architecture engineer at ABT where I could gain extensive experience and knowledge while working in a wide range of projects.

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