Arianna Loris

Prior to ABT, I worked for several architectural offices in different countries. My desire to work for ABT comes from my curiosity to learn as much as possible concerning all the aspects of my job, the architect. I also like to interact with several specialists, technical and non-technical.

I have always been attracted to the things that are beautiful and charming. Being able to translate a beautiful image of a building into reality is a challenge that requires different knowledge. I am living this challenge now!

The passion and interest for my work relates to the beauty of the cities. The buildings, spaces and squares make people feel at home, they give them energy and give them the desire to live there. Furthermore, I love buildings full of cultural meaning, that represent a (technological or sociological) challenge, change or symbol of the city.

My personality (as an extravert) and curiosity have always given me the opportunity to live unique adventures, to discover new countries and to open my mind more and more, in my working life and in my personal life. Thanks to my experience, I learnt how to control stressful situations and to be a problem-solving person – able to handle different situations with flexibility. I am a people person, my enthusiasm and energy drive my team, in which I strongly believe. My communication skills and my character build a trusting relationship with colleagues and clients.

I studied Architecture in Spain at Universitat International de Catalunya of Barcelona and in Italy where I graduated at Politecnico di Milano and obtained my professional qualification.

After my graduation, I began working at MAD Architects in Beijing. This has been the hardest, most adventurous and amazing period of my working and personal life. I experienced a world with a great devotion to work and craziness that never stops. I learnt what real flexibility and support of team mates is. And I also discovered how to deal with difficult and unknown situations. After my stay in China, I started working at Coenen Sattele Architecten in Maastricht. My first experience in the Netherlands, that helped me to understand and appreciate the Dutch culture.

Since June 2016, I have been working at ABT, the place in which I am growing the most, that gave me the opportunity to work on interesting projects and to learn something new everyday. I am now in the lead of the project Post Rotterdam, a tower of 150 meter at the post office in the center of Rotterdam… Coming soon!

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