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Annebeth Muntinga

As a building physicist, it is my passion to work on beautiful and challenging projects that are not only visually attractive, but also comfortable and sustainable. I like to work together with different disciplines to make an integrated end product.

During my study, my interest in sustainable development has been raised – and I still work on this at ABT. I look beyond my own discipline, which gives me inspiration in other fields such as mechanical engineering or biology.

I develop and work on comfort and sustainability concepts. Because of my experience with making comfort calculations – but also EPC, MPG and GPR calculations – I can test these developed concepts to see if they meet current requirements and standards.

In the role of BREEAM-NL New Construction and Mayor Renovation expert, I help clients to realise their sustainability ambition. Obtaining a BREEAM certificate requires an integrated approach within the design team, but also with the contractors. Being part of such an integrated team, where the joint efforts are rewarded with a BREEAM certificate, gives me a lot of energy.

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