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André Speksnijder

Typical of ABT is that you are given room to develop and do the things you enjoy doing. For me, working at ABT means working on high-profile projects with nice colleagues in roles that fit well. This encourages cooperation across the boundaries of your own discipline, which, in turn, produces projects of a higher quality that are more interesting for yourself and often also more effective. It’s a win win situation!

I literally want to build bridges. The influence of projects in infrastructure are great and sometimes traverse areas of several kilometres. The complexity of the puzzle that is created through the bundling of all project interests and information in order to arrive at a good solution requires true bridge builders. Contributing in this way to a good accessibility of the Netherlands makes it extra interesting.

Following my study in civil engineering at the institute of technology I began working for a contractor in the planning/implementation department. The first project in which I was involved was a project of ABT. The contact with the people at ABT went well from the start and it was evident that there was a lot of knowledge and expertise. Out of curiosity I went for an interview at ABT.

In the first years at ABT I was mainly occupied with specialist inspections in the field of concrete- and steelstructures, risk management and systems engineering. After 13 years I decided to make a change and go back to contracting. I have been back working at ABT for some time now as Senior Consultant of infrastructural works.

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