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André Speksnijder

I have been active in the built environment for over 22 years. I have gained (both technology and process) experience at a contracting company and at ABT - from various perspectives and roles. 

After my study (Civil Engineering), I ended up at a contracting company. During the first project I came into contact with ABT. I noticed that ABT was a very knowledgeable company with a lot of expertise. I started to work at ABT in 1997 in the construction group and quickly found my way – by working with specialist inspections in the field of concrete and steel structures. Later on, I focused more on risk management, RAMS and systems engineering. I returned to the contracting world in 2009 but soon came back to ABT (in 2012) and started as a senior construction consultant, with a preference for civil works.

I like to work as a bridge builder; making connections between disciplines, companies and the roles that are required to realize great projects. Real cooperation requires a solid basis of trust, daring to go beyond your own boundaries and working with your own qualities and added value - from the perspective of the project.

Typical of ABT is that you are given room to develop and do the things you enjoy doing. For me, working at ABT means working on high-profile projects with great colleagues in roles that fit well. This encourages cooperation across the boundaries of your own discipline, which (in turn) produces projects of a higher quality that are more interesting for yourself and often also more effective. It’s a win-win situation!

In my current role (in addition to my advisory role in projects), I also look for connections in the market and I like to create opportunities for collaborations with strategic partners – in order to make innovative and creative plans together in beautiful projects. Internally, I am involved in the continuous optimization of processes and Finance & Control. In this role, I have a good idea about the expertise available within the company. I can make the link between the promise in the market (delivering the added value) and colleagues who can deliver on this. Since January 2020, I am part of the management team. Together with Sander Dorleijn and Ilja Werkhoven, we are continuing to build a future-proof ABT.

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