Urban energy and smart grids

Urban energy strategies are needed to assure an effective energy system now and in the future. The load on the current electrical grid is increasing, as a result of the electrification and diffusion of energy sources. By good design, we can minimize large investments needed to upgrade the energy infrastructure and improve grid control and stability. We tackle the following issues:

  • Grid harmonisation: we design buildings and districts that do not increase the load on the energy infrastructure, applying advanced grid harmonisation techniques for achieving peak shedding and peak shifting.
  • Diversity: we propose a mix of utilities with diversified energy demands in order to flatten the overall district demand.
  • Renewables: we look for an optimal mix of on-site renewable energies and off-site green energy purchasing for reducing the material use and the needs for unsustainable energy storage (i.e. batteries).
  • Energy storages: we are looking into innovative and more sustainable energy storage systems (e.g. flow batteries, hydrogen electrolysers, etc.).
  • Smart grids: we design our projects smart-grid ready, making use of smart meters, IoT devices and centralised data management systems at building and district scale.
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