Underground construction

Space is a rare commodity in the compact Dutch cities. Moreover, it is often desirable to conserve the unique character of historic town centres. To create the required parking space, connect buildings, or lay infrastructure, subterranean construction represents a solution that is as attractive as it is necessary.

For many decades, ABT has been a leading expert in the area of subterranean construction. We work both integrally and multidisciplinary. Moreover, on the basis of a Quick Scan, ABT is able to determine whether and how underground construction are technically feasible and list the risks involved. In addition, ABT is able to look after the management and quality assurance during the construction stage.

Luuk Kramer
Mauritshuis The Hague

During the renovation and extension of The Mauritshuis in The Hague, the entrance to the museum was constructed underground in order to connect the 17th-century town palace to the building located across the street. For the Groninger Forum in Groningen, ABT conducted a Quick Scan regarding the risks of the ground caving in. A multiple-variant study led to the final design of the five-floor basement included in the building.

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