Natural resources are the base of our existence and that of the built environment. The way in which resources are used and processed, determine the quality of the environment and the natural balance.

Active contribution
ABT consciously and actively contributes to the sustainable use of these natural resources and the environment by:

-    giving advice on the sustainable use of energy and materials – from the initial phase to the reuse;
-    applying integrated concepts;
-    making the environmental performance measurable, allowing for active and integrated steering in the design;
-    continually developing new techniques that raise the bar.
Sustainable use of materials
The transition from a linear to a circular economy is in full swing. ABT sees many opportunities for construction and circular material use. Therefore, research of the potential of recycled and biobased materials and the preservation of existing materials is paramount. For example, the calculator 'green concrete' and an extension for Revit – to determine the environmental impact of a construction – have recently been developed.

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ABT applies the latest technologies for an energy efficient building, with focus on the user. For example:

-    advice on the current (EPC) and future (BENG) regulations regarding energy performance – and how to comply with it;
-    research of the different forms of energy storage (for example: in an ice buffer) to integrate both short and long term energy storage in buildings;
-    realisation of wind turbines at home and abroad – currently 2,800!

Existing buildings
The building stock in the Netherlands largely consists of existing buildings (99%), offering a huge possibility for sustainability gain. ABT developed the sustainability scan 'existing buildings'. This scan quickly maps the potential for making a building more sustainable.

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A BREEAM, LEED, GPR or WELL certification provides insight in the sustainability performance of a building. ABT can take care of these certifications, and has in-house accredited BREEAM and LEED professionals. We can support you during the full process: from daylight calculations to the commissioning of the installations.

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