In recent years, rules and regulations regarding safety, such as fire safety, have become more and more complex. At the same time, withdrawing authorities are passing responsibilities back onto society. As a result of these developments, society is increasingly in need of safety guarantees and risk control regarding the built-up environment.

Our knowledge of rules and regulations regarding structures enables us to make accurate risk analyses for structures. In addition, we are able to monitor and manage safety risks during the realisation stage. In this area, ABT is supporting consortiums operating on the basis of a Design, Build, Finance, Maintain (DBFM) contract. Such organisations are in need of an additional risk check regarding fire safety of the structure or building design. In addition, we carry out studies regarding seismic resistance of buildings for our clients.

Seismisch advies

The consequences of natural gas extraction are more extensive than have been assumed for a long time. Earthquakes affect the structural, building physical, geotechnical, and MEP system aspects concerning the built-up environment. ABT and Wassenaar Ingenieurs have been involved in projects requiring seismic advice and engineering. By joining forces in ABT|Wassenaar Seismisch Advies BV, we are able to provide our clients with sound seismic advice. Particularly for clients who want to make their buildings earthquake resistant. In addition, ABT|Wassenaar Seismisch Advies BV has developed a method to test existing buildings. This test not only indicates the level of seismic resistance, it also points to possible solutions to improve the buildings concerned. Our so-called seismic scan was based on the American ASCE. Until recently, seismic advice had never been a part of the Dutch construction practice. That is why ABT|Wassenaar Seismisch Advies BV has entered into a form of collaboration with the Australian and New Zealand engineering agency Aurecon.


Projects regarding safety are highly diverse, featuring a wide range of specific knowledge aspects required. A few examples of these are:

  • The consultants of ABT|Wassenaar Seismisch Advies BV advised clients regarding multiple projects involving seismic-resistant building. Our consultants obtained in-depth knowledge of seismic issues. For more information, please contact Margriet Krüse.
  • Together with Jazo, and with grant aid by the Platform voor Creatieve Technologie Midden Gelderland, ABT has developed a tool. Using this tool, we are able to determine how the air pressure released during a possible explosion may escape via hatches or other openings in a building. By now, Jazo and ABT have carried out various explosion-related projects, including a number of milk-powder factories. Gert-Jan Rozemeijer supervised these projects.
  • During the construction of the Central Station in Arnhem, the Netherlands, ABT recalculated the safety risks for the consortium concerned.
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