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Complex geometry is not difficult, as long as a design idea can be broken down in logical rules, in such a way that the computer can interpret them. Step-by-step derivation of design variables and mutual relationships provides insight and support for all parties involved. Read more about Rationalisation during the project  Collection Building Boijmans van Beuningen!

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Parametric design

New solutions arise when design variables are changed. With parametric models, it is possible to quickly generate new solutions and easily explore alternatives. Insight in the consequences of design changes can thus be achieved quickly. A parametric design allows you to anticipate on changes, which offers flexibility and freedom of choice in the design process. Read more about Parametic design during the project Naturalis.

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Do you want to find the optimal form for your application? With form-finding techniques, it is possible to find the optimal geometry based on predefined material properties and boundary conditions. Shape, material and forces are linked together in a tensile roof structure of the bus station in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. By defining the geometry as favorable as possible, internal stresses can be reduced, hence saving material.

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Learning from variation and data. With data analysis, ABT is looking for relationships between sets of data, to get new insights for making better design choices. The visualisation of data is of high importance. Read more about Data Analysis during the project A2 Communication Column.

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Searching for the best solution! With digital optimisation, ABT utilises computer power to (automatically) help search for the best option, based on predefined boundary conditions. Read more about Optimisation during the project National Military Museum Soesterberg.

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Automatic generation of documents, or storing design information in (BIM) models can be seen as a separate objective, or as the next step within a digital process. Consistent in output and scalable for large-scale or a variety of applications. In combination with the use of parametric models, it is possible to prepair the design and the documention simultaneously. Read more about Documentation during the project  Collection Building Boijmans van Beuningen!

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Fabrication preparation

“File-to-factory” – The link between design and production. With the increasing potential of digital manufacturing methods, such as robot-driven manufacturing, the production of unique elements gets affordable. An efficient communication between design information and production instructions becomes a necessity when specialisation increases.

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Artificial intelligence

The computer as a consultant. With artificial intelligence, the capacity of the computer is used to recognise relationships and to make predictions based on available (design) data. Artificial intelligence will help us in the near future to provide insights and make predictions of (complex) systems. At the moment, we are at the beginning of a new revolution, which will also affect the building industry. ABT explores to what extent this development contributes in its work field. Read more about Artificial intelligence!

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Computational design offers new opportunities and possibilities, but also requires a different mindset. Knowledge, innovations and workflows are actively shared at seminars, conferences and presentations (including Autodesk University). For colleagues, training institutes and cooperation partners.

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