Computational Design Solutions

Digitisation is finding its way to the contemporary building industry. ABT therefore introduces Computational Design Solutions (CDS): digital solutions to achieve a better, a more sustainable, or a more efficient design (process) for clients. This enables new functionality to be created, more flexibility to be introduced in the design process, or better insights to be gained with respect to the influence of design changes. Different solutions are distinguished to discuss the potential and the added value of digital techniques.

Are you curious about what a Computational Design Solution scan do for you? Contact one of our CDS specialists or click on one of the solutions below!

Translating a design idea into logical rules.
Parametric design
Varying design variables to obtain alternatives.
Automatic form generation.
Data analysis
Searching for relationships in data.
Finding the optimal solution.
Automatic document generation.
Fabrication preparation
File preparation for digital manufacturing.
Artificial intelligence
Utilising artificial intelligence.
Sharing knowledge.
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