Comfort and energy

School buildings allow children to learn. Patients get better in hospitals. These may seem obvious facts. But they are not that self-evident, really. In practice, cost-driven design choices and directives regarding a high energy performance often lead to buildings that offer little comfort to their users. The interior climate is too hot, stuffy, or plainly unhealthy because of a lack of oxygen. To achieve a really sustainable built-up environment, it is therefore essential to design cost-effective buildings - from schools and hospitals to offices and dwellings - that allow reduced energy consumption while offering maximum comfort to their users.

ABT works on the basis of an approach where the building and its users are regarded as an interrelated whole. Thanks to this approach, we are able to firmly embed comfort and human well-being in the design process, whether it concerns a new building or a renovated one. And thanks to our specialists in the area of European directives, MEP systems, building physics, acoustics, light, and façade design, ABT has all the necessary knowledge to achieve this. Moreover, our specialists work together in a multidisciplinary and integrated way, enabling the immediate application and implementation of new technological solutions and developments.

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