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Building Envelope Engineering

As a result of the use of glassconcretewood and other materials, façades largely determine the interior climate of a building. As a result, the sustainability of a building, whether new, existing, or renovated, greatly depends on the design of its façade. A sound façade design will not only ensure reduced operating costs, but also improved health - and, as a result, increased productivity - of its users. The Building Envelope Engineering specialism is the solution to these social issues.

ABT has a team of experts in the discipline of Building Envelope Engineering. This team comprises specialists in their particular area of knowledge, required for the design of a façade and the calculation of its technical and financial feasibility. These specialisms concern constructions, climate systems, fire safety, foundations, and materials. This way, ABT is able to provide architects and clients with fast, detailed and reliable advice.

Afbeelding: Standing Garden_Arnhem_verticaal groen_ABT_NEXIT_projectoverzicht
Standing Garden Arnhem

As a structural consultant, ABT was closely involved in the design and realisation of the much-praised wavy glass façade of the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, Belgium. In Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, ABT acted as the co-designer for the Danish architects of 3XN, who designed a layered façade for the town hall of Nieuwegein. Regarding the realisation of the Standing Garden in Arnhem, the Netherlands, ABT was involved in various roles, such as constructor, civil-engineering consultant, and supervisor on the building site.

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