Building Envelope Engineering

An integrated approach to façade and roof engineering
The façades and roofs of buildings are becoming increasingly sophisticated, complex, and dynamic. New, exciting, and more sustainable materials are being invented all the time, while forms are also becoming more complex, as a result of the latest calculation and drafting techniques. At the same time, functional requirements with respect to wind and water resistance, thermal insulation, management and maintenance and manufacturability and costs, continue to apply.

ABT Building Envelope Engineering (BEE), is more than just Façade Engineering. BEE seeks to optimally integrate all the latest developments in the field of architecture and materials. BEE can make your wishes and requirements in the area of design, aesthetics and architecture of a roof or façade doable, feasible and reliable, with a view to longevity and durability. This will help you reduce financial risk in construction projects, large or small. Indeed, the façade and roof of a building represent 20 to 30 percent of the total construction cost, and are one of the most difficult parts of a building to construct.

Smart façades through integrated engineering
ABT’s BEE team consists of experienced specialists from various areas of expertise. When designing and constructing a façade, a diverse number of disciplines must all work together, to, among other things, calculate the technical and financial feasibility of the project. Specialists in the field of building physics, structures, building engineering and construction methods, climate control installations, acoustics, fire safety, materials and detailing, all work closely together.

Intelligent façades through smart application software
All façades and roofs are worked out using BIM, and complex designs are optimised using the latest specialist software. By devising clever algorithms based on mathematics, and using these as the basis for the building design, what first seemed impossible can be made a reality. Furthermore, approaching this information parametrically, allows us to achieve far-reaching optimisation of the design. Of course, all this information must also remain available after the design and construction of the façade, for the purposes of management, maintenance and possibly disassembly/demolition.

Through the efforts of a team that has mastered façade and roof engineering to perfection, and which has a proven track record, ABT is able to provide architects and clients with swift, detailed and reliable support when constructing the perfect façade or roof.

Quick assessments of existing façades and roofs
If you have an existing façade or roof with a problem, our specialists can provide you with a quick inventory of your problem. We work together from different disciplines to arrive at an optimal, comprehensive solution.

Second opinion
If you are designing a façade or roof, we can provide you with an independent opinion on its feasibility.

ABT’s Building Envelope Engineering Team has been involved in the design and construction of various façades and roofs, such as Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, The Muse Rotterdam, Earth Simulation Laboratory (ESL), Rozet Arnhem and the Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam. Below you will find an overview of various important BEE projects. 

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