A Virtual Experience

This page displays several panorama renders which enable you to take a look inside future buildings. These renders are produced by smart BIM models in which ABT presents all aspects of the design (technology, visualisation, simulation and cooperation with other building partners) in one model.

By working together in one model, the communication lines become shorter. This makes it easier and faster to communicate between the different parties. Would you like to know more about BIM? Visit the BIM page.

Here are some panorama renders of different ABT projects. The renders are best displayed in the Google Chrome browser.

Wind energy

Wind turbine

Link: http://pano.autodesk.com/pano.html?url=jpgs/f3dba14b-37ba-4102-9317-d00b976506fc

Panorama Visualisations

Project: Timmerfabriek Schiedam
Client: GustoMSC
Architect: JHK Architects
Location: Schiedam
Project duration: 2014 - 2015
Project size: Office complex 9,500 m2
Read more here about the Timmerfabriek Schiedam.

The central atrium

Link: http://pano.autodesk.com/ZjVmOTYyZWQtOTQxMy00ZjAyLWFhMjYtMDM5Mzg5YzNkYzVi.html

Panorama Visualisations

Project: Groninger Forum
Client: Municipality of Groningen
Architect: NL Architects Amsterdam
Location: Groningen
Project duration: 2008 - present
Project size: Cultural complex 20,300 m2, parking garage 14,500 m2.
Read more here about Groninger Forum.

Atrium ground floor

Link: http://pano.autodesk.com/MTM3ZTg1ZjctZWRlNi00NzA2LWI4NjItOGFkNzJjYzE3NTZh.html

Parking garage

Link: http://pano.autodesk.com/YmQ5MWVjYzktZmE1NC00YzZlLThiZWUtMzZkNDI4ZWU2ODA3.html

ABT Cardboard Viewer

Do you have an ABT cardboard VR? If so, use your mobile phone to go to www.abt.eu/en/virtualreality and virtually explore some of the ABT projects!

The ABT cardboard VR viewer gives you a real sense of actually standing in a building, because you can view every corner of the building in detail.

View the manual here where you can find handy tips about optimally setting your mobile phone for Virtual Reality. The following instructions explain how to easily fold the ABT cardboard viewer.


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