Sustainable structures comprise increasing amounts of wood. One of the reasons for this material’s popularity is its low-carbon production process compared to energy-intensive raw materials such as concrete and steel. Moreover, new processing techniques allow wide applicability of this material, also in structures.

Wood’s main strength is the fact that it is a natural material. At the same time, this also represents its weakness, as it responds strongly to moisture and the lack of it - leading to rot and shrinkage, respectively. And light will cause discolouration. Thanks to innovative treatment methods, into which ABT is conducting its own studies, these shortcomings of wood can be solved. Application in façades, roofing and finishing, as well as heavier wooden structures, depends on the type of wood and the treatment and processing methods.

The atrium roof of The Base , at Schiphol, comprises wooden laminated girders, spanning the space between two low wings in a diagonal pattern. The span is 21.6 metres long, while the roof has a 3.4-metre arch. The wooden girders are linked by steel connecting elements.

Wood is the keyword for the Early Childhood Center in Wassenaar. This school wanted a building that was sustainable and that was also perceived as sustainable. Wood was given a special role in this. The new building’s shell - designed in a very playful way - and the entrance and exterior frames were constructed of untreated Accoya wood. Accoya is FSC-certified and has the Cradle-to-Cradle Gold Standard. The building comprises pinewood columns, girders and roof trusses. The floors are made of Lignatur. Bamboo parquet connects the floors via the staircases. In front of the entrance, a terrace made of Bagkirai has been laid. The furniture is made of wood and the walls comprise timber plating material. In the old farmhouse, a floor partly made of larch wood has been laid. Historic wooden trusses have been restored and the back of the farmhouse has a light bamboo parquet floor. The result is a fantastic experience of wood - the children can even smell it.


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