Glass is transparent, and at the same time very strong indeed. It is a fascinating material, which is increasingly applied in buildings and structures. Impressive glass eye catchers have been realised thanks to the right knowledge and calculation methods. ABT delivers this knowledge and provides technical advice from beginning to end. Glass floors, staircases, roofs, as well as glass pavilions, undulating façade glass, and even glass columns have been realised by us.

Innovation is, and will remain, our most important drive, particularly regarding the engineering of glass. By performing research, and developing prototypes and new calculation procedures, we intend to further optimise the use of glass in façades and structures. Thanks to advanced and ground-breaking engineering methods, we are able to pioneer new glass structures, resulting in, for example, undulating glass façades with increased load-bearing strength. Even large spans made of self-bearing glass are now a feasible option.

ABT will help you to find alternatives and optimisations and come up with feasible and makeable glass structures for a wide range of applications. We can make this possible thanks to our broad network - we maintain close relationships with laboratories and suppliers. Yet we always remain independent.

With glass structures, we always look for suitable details that meet the requirements of clients and architects. The most beautiful glass structures deserve the finest details. And that is where ABT comes in.

In addition to the engineering of glass, ABT is involved in the performance of inspections and assessment of damages, as an independent party. Sometimes, the cause of damage cannot be determined; however, using our knowledge, an objective judgement can be made. In addition, we are able to make recommendations for possible improvements or necessary modifications.

Moreover, glass is one of the most recycled materials in the world. This presents great opportunities for reuse and sustainable applications.

More information? Read our brochure here, and discover our world of glass in the video below.

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