Commercial property

More than ever, users of offices and shops are expecting quality. Where commercial property is concerned, everything has to be just right; from the incidence of daylight and the interior climate to the correct facilities and an attractive look and feel. After all, users determine whether a building is occupied or not, especially in this sector, tormented by the problem of unoccupied new offices and shops.

Multifunctional buildings, whether existing or new, need to feature minimum energy consumption, which is a great technological challenge where commercial property is concerned. As a result of this trend, structures and systems need to meet strict requirements. For example, dwellers occupying residential buildings with shops on the ground floor do not want to experience nuisance from these shops. And ventilation systems are becoming increasingly complex, because they must ensure a pleasant interior climate in the shop, office or residential building.

WAX (Mei architecten en stedenbouwers)
Fenix warehouses Rotterdam


Since 2013, ABT has been involved in the renovation of the Fenix warehouses in Rotterdam, providing structural and geotechnical advice. On top of and underneath the warehouses, which date back to 1920, a programme involving residential, educational and retail accommodations is planned, as well as a parking garage. 

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