Removable Tensairity tent

Commissioned by Buitink Technology, and facilitated by the Platform Creatieve Industrie Midden-Gelderland, ABT and Tentech designed a modular, mobile tent. The tent is based on the Tensairity principle. This principle combines inflatable tubes with aluminium pressure profiles. As opposed to traditional air-beam systems, these are able to withstand high loads in combination with a relatively low air pressure.

The basic design, measuring 90 x 42.5 x 13.4 metres, comprises eight Tensairity beams, in-between which membranes are spanned. The beams support the spanned cloth. Each beam comprises a spindle-shaped inflatable element with three aluminium pressure elements on the outside. Pressure elements absorb the normal force from the arc function. The inflated tube supports the pressure elements against buckling. Lateral stability is provided by safety cables and membranes between the inflated beams. 

Afbeelding: Tensairity paardenbak_ Tentech_pct_buitink technology

Modular concept

The tent will provide stylish accommodation, for example during equestrian sports events or festivals. The starting point was to design an innovative and attractive tent with a multifunctional character, allowing it to be used for various purposes. The tent is built up of individual, modular elements, i.e. the inflatable tubes and membranes. The tent may be modularly expanded by 10-metre areas.

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