Independent Design Check

When many different specialised parties work separately on a plan during the design process, risks of errors and inconsistencies arise – especially where disciplines intertwine. The more complex the project, the more this applies.

ABT therefore offers an integral ‘Independent Design Check’. During this Design Check specialists from various disciplines look critically at a plan. Because of the multidisciplinary way of working, the interfaces between the various disciplines are also examined.

Afbeelding: Foto_intekst_ABT_ontwerpcheck

It is often of great added value for clients, investors, contractors and architects when an independent party examines their plan. The (biggest) risks can be overcome and potential problems are handled beforehand. The Design Check makes risks visible and manageable, reduces failure costs during construction, and reveals inconsistencies. But the check can also lead to, for example, a (cost-effective) optimised design.

Since the customer’s question is different each time, the outcome of the design check is also different every time. For each Design Check, ABT evaluates which specialists offer the most value in performing a check. After this, the best fitting approach to the question is examined.

The Design Check is organised by a coordinator, who also is the contact person for the customer. He or she provides a single overall report with clear conclusions and recommendations.

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