House of Memories: a new way of commemorating

Concepts & Images, in collaboration with ABT and Kuiper Arnhem, has introduced the ‘House of Memories’. This is a columbarium offering relatives and visitors a way to commemorate their deceased loved ones in a safe environment. House of Memories is the modern version of the traditional columbarium from the nineteen seventies and eighties. As opposed to the coldness of these objects, House of Memories will turn commemoration into a personal experience.

Soft, light and harmonious
House of Memories will offer mourners a place to find peace, a place that will give them room to go through their own, personal grieving process. The building has a soft and welcoming emanation. It is shaped like an egg, symbolising the vulnerability and cycle of life.

Afbeelding: House of memories_in het bos

When crossing the threshold into the House of Memories, its visitors are pleasantly surprised. Their senses are stimulated. Thanks to the use of carefully selected materials in harmonious colours, supported by images, sounds, a pleasantly fresh scent, a soft light experience, and peaceful background music, House of Memories will ensure a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

The urns will not be immediately visible, since these are positioned behind a wall of hardened glass. This wall is completely covered by the image of a landscape. This way, the storage space of the urn becomes a part of the larger whole, just like all living things.

Personal and familiar
Visitors are given the opportunity to create their own, personal, pleasant atmosphere. The urn storage has room for personal, physical memories. By entering a unique access code, the urn room is lit and can be opened. The light goes off when the urn room is closed.

Separate rooms allow individual or groups of visitors to retrieve text, images and music regarding the deceased. Because the surviving relative is the one in control of these, content may be added or modified at any time. This way, a bridge in time is created, allowing the mourning process to be turned into an intensive memory, which can be shared with future generations. Together, they are able to relive wonderful moments from the past.

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