23 februari 2018

Insight through simulation

What is the best solution? The most sustainable or the most cost-effective one? How do design choices influence the overall performance? In order to realise the ambitions of our customers, ABT is always looking for the best integral solutions within a design assignment. In this process, all aspects that can influence the design are identified and studied. With increasing integration, design choices become more complex to oversee. An advantage for one aspect can be negative for other criteria. ABT provides insight into the many variants by using simulation techniques. More about this in this blog!

Self-developed software
By means of self-developed software it is possible to have all possible combinations determined, calculated and analysed by the computer. The creativity comes from the designer, who – through smart rationalisation – determines the freedoms of the design part. The combination of all alternatives yields millions of variants, the performance of which is then determined by simulation. With data visualisation techniques, not only the best design choice becomes clear. By comparing all other design variants, the quality of the design can also be demonstrated.

Building blocks
Modular building blocks – varying from accessible Excels to complex specialist scripts – together form the basis for one integral simulation model and can contain the knowledge of both the ABT disciplines and external parties. Building blocks from previous designs can be reused, creating a library of puzzle pieces that, individually or in a combined model, form the basis for a subsequent simulation.

In practice
This technique was developed and applied to the design of the new parking garage PXXL at Schiphol. Together with the specialists of construction, installations, building physics, geotechnics and costs, the design has been rationalised and it has been determined within which range all possible variants are simulated and analysed. Insights from these simulations substantiate the design choices.

Would you like to know what this technology can do for your project? Contact one of ABT’s Computational Solutions (CS) specialists!

The following team has made this project possible:

Martin Bijsterbosch
Teun van Dooren
Chris van der Ploeg
Michiel van der Elst


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