Maria Sara Di Maggio
Maria Sara Di MaggioSpecialist building physics & installations+ show profile
How can biophilic design be integrated into architecture?

The concept of sustainable design within the built environment has been rapidly changing in the last years. We have been observing a shift in the paradigms that characterise sustainability, moving from a narrow focus on energy performance to a broader approach to human beings centered and restorative design.

21 juli 2020
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Jeroen van Kuijk
Jeroen van KuijkModeller+ show profile
Real-time steering on the environmental impact in BIM with ABT's Environmental Impact Monitor

Determine the environmental impact of complete building structures with a press of a button and actively steer on cleaner constructions! This is possible with the Environmental Impact Monitor (MIM) developed by ABT.

02 januari 2019
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Axel Jacobs BSc
Axel Jacobs BScEngineering Manager Wind Energy+ show profile
Wind energy made even greener thanks to computational solutions

Over the last 25 years, we have advised on over 2,800 wind turbine foundations in 27 countries. Thanks to advanced design methods, a great deal of money was saved in the realisation of these projects. In the near future, we intend to save a great deal of time as well. In this blog, I’ll be explaining these savings and the future design process for wind turbine foundations!

15 mei 2018
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