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ir. Chris van der Ploeg
ir. Chris van der PloegComputational design specialist / structural engineer+ show profile
Insight through simulation

What is the best solution? The most sustainable or the most cost-effective one? How do design choices influence the overall performance? ABT provides insight into the many variants by using simulation techniques. More about this in this blog!

23 februari 2018
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Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry

Developments within the engineering sector, what does that make you think of? New materials, extensive calculation methods, challenging implementation techniques? With developments, we often focus on traditional designs, but the development where the most benefit is to be gained is you. Discover why!

08 september 2017
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Axel Jacobs BSc
Axel Jacobs BScEngineering Manager Wind Energy+ show profile
Integral work equals drawing borders

The removal of internal borders between disciplines improves interaction and limits the risk of errors in information transfer. This approach also benefits the client, as the coordination and guarding of these internal borders are no longer his responsibility.

26 juni 2017
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