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Masterplan - Wageningen
Masterplan - Wageningen

Thousands of people will be staying, working, recreating and moving about near the relocated Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR). Consequently, the public space must be designed to meet the needs of these functions in a way that emphasises the "green" character of the WUR.


The various components - water management, sewage, cables and pipes, roads, greenery, parking facilities, bridges and provision for bicycles - must be coordinated with each other and with the needs of the buildings. Moreover, there will be heat storage in the ground to significantly reduce the energy use of the new buildings.


The environmental organisations and pressure groups active in Wageningen have been closely involved in the design process. As a result, the design has been modified on a number of points so that the area forms part of the Northern Ecological Connection Zone. Following completion, the area will be a place where people and animals can feel at home and where the green infrastructure has an important place.


395,000 mē


Wageningen University and Research centre


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