Vader Piet wind farm


Vader Piet wind farm - Aruba
Vader Piet wind farm -

The Vader Piet wind farm has recently been completed on Aruba in the Netherlands Antilles. The wind farm consists of 10 turbines of the Vestas V90 type.


The foundations consist of round concrete foundation slabs with a diameter of 13 metres which are fixed to the ground by means of rock anchors. These rock anchors consist of 24 GEWI anchors with a diameter of 63 mm, which are drilled around 10 metres into the rock (drill diameter around 200 mm). Some trial anchors were made to test the performance of the anchors and their capacity in the ground structure present. Due to the anchorsí high capacity, it has been possible to limit the foundation dimensions significantly.


The subsoil was checked by means of slab pressure tests. The wind turbines became operational at the end of 2009.


10 wind mills Vestas V90-3.0 MW


Windpark Vader Piet NV, Oranjestad, Aruba

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