Happy Street - World Expo 2010


Happy Street - World Expo 2010
Happy Street - World
Expo 2010

Happy Street is technically an extremely complex structure. All the pavilion’s weight is carried on columns, with no stabilising walls. The hanging houses create considerable eccentric loads. Earthquakes, not unknown in this part of China, are a risk of quite a different kind. Apart from consideration of this very ‘un-Dutch’ load, the structure must not cause too much vibration as a result of the millions of visitors who will soon be walking over it.


ABT is developing the project to the so-called Definitive Design Plus (DO+) level. Local parties, including Tongji University in Shanghai, will be assisting with construction. The completed design is due in April, with the building of Happy Street due to start late this year. The Dutch government and the business community are funding the construction, fitting out and operation of the pavilion at a cost of 20 million euros.


‘Shanghai’ is ABT’s third Expo pavilion. It was also involved in the design of the pavilions in Seville (1992) and Hannover (2000).



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