Nescio bridge


Nesciobrug - Amsterdam
Nesciobrug - Amsterdam

The 790m long Nescio Bridge crosses the Rhine Canal in Amsterdam, enabling pedestrians and cyclists to travel to and from IJburg.


The first bridge spans on the north and south sides are made of concrete. The main span is a steel bridge body held up by steel suspender cables from the main cable. This main cable is hung on two pylons fixed to an anchor block via backstays. Pedestrians can reach the bridge via stairs, while cyclists make use of ramps. The main bridge section was put in place within 12 hours - the traffic on the Amsterdam-Rhine canal could not be held up for any longer.


Bridge dimensions:
Length: 790 metre
Main span: 168 metre
Width: 3.5 metre cycleway, 2 metre footway


Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Amsterdam


Wilkinson Eyere Architects
Nesciobrug - Amsterdam
Nesciobrug - Amsterdam