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HKA - Arnhem
HKA - Arnhem

The Dance & Theatre faculty of the Institute of the Arts in Arnhem stands right next to the Rietveldgebouw (Rietveld building). In order not to disturb this special setting, the building was built entirely underground. To make this possible, ABT designed an excavation measuring 42 by 97 metres with a depth of 14 metres.


A special design, taking into account its location at the foot of the lateral moraine of the river Rhine. In 2002, Phase 1 (the excavation; diaphragm walls, underwater concrete and cellar floor) was executed; the internal structure was completed in 2003 and 2004.



  • building in a city centre
  • working in an integrated building team
  • special load-bearing frame
  • construction depth of the basement is 13 meter; foundation on MV piles 23 to 27 m long
  • 0.5 m thick floor on 1.0 m thick underwater concrete
  • basement walls: 0.8m thick diaphragm walls
  • winner A.M. Schreuder Prize for Underground Construction 2003


5,500 mē GFA


Institute of the Arts (HKA)


Hubert- Jan Henket architecten bna

consulting services:

Structural advice, geotechnical advice and foundations