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Villa - Beekbergen
Villa - Beekbergen

In an open space in the woods near Beekbergen stands a unique villa. Not visible from the public road, a conical concrete structure with a thatched arched roof rises from the trees. The principle form and the combination of the most important materials - concrete and reed thatch - give it a remarkable presence. The two arched shapes - the cut-open conical concrete outer shell and the arched thatched roof - form a metaphor for the protective effect that emanates from the house - it is, as it were, two hands enclosing a space.


The villa is constructed from a conical load-bearing outer shell of prefabricated concrete elements, where the stability is created by the principle form supported by the walls and floors. This design required the elements to be joined to each other at the correct torque. The swimming pool hanging high in the building is supported by a steel truss beam.



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Villa - Beekbergen
Villa - Beekbergen