civil engineering

Right from the start, ABT differentiated itself from other consultancies by its specialist advice on foundation techniques. In providing this advice, we always try to promote positive interaction between the type of foundation and the structural design of the load-bearing structure. As each project site has a unique soil structure with local characteristics, risks must be evaluated on a project-by-project basis, but, conversely, opportunities also present themselves in the same site-specific way.

This basic principle results in functional design with often highly original solutions that do justice to both the special qualities of the building and those of the soil structure and surrounding environment. The discipline also has specialist knowledge to determine the impact of changes in groundwater rise on nearby vulnerable buildings and the limits of what is permissible. In recent years the discipline has built up a unique body of expertise in high quality industrial flooring.
The Civil Engineering discipline is your innovative partner for:
  • underground construction
  • geotechnology
  • industrial floors
  • wind energy
  • civil engineering and land development
  • damage expertise
  • advanced calculations