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‘Danish’ design for Nieuwegein town hall enthusiastically received

artist impression Town Hall
artist impression Town
The municipal executive of Nieuwegein in the Province of Utrecht got the go-ahead for the next stage of its new town hall development when the design by architectural firm 3xN was enthusiastically received by the council in late September. ABT is co-architect with the Danish firm and is responsible for translating the design into contract documents and coordinating the design team. Construction of the 20,000 m2 complex will start this year.


The new town hall is part of the Town Centre Project, which the council hopes will transform the area over the next ten years into a ‘modern, lively town centre that is an attractive place to live, work, shop and spend leisure time in’. The master plan for this far-reaching project was developed by UNStudio

artist impression atrium
artist impression atrium
As well as the town hall, the new complex will also accommodate shops, a Centre for Work and Income, a library and other cultural facilities. The council is pleased that 3xN’s original design has remained intact, despite many changes to the layout of things like ground level features, car park access and the below-ground-level shopping centre.

This spring the project will be put out to European tender. To ensure the best value for money, a traditional tender (i.e. not a construction team) will be used. To this end, all the contract documents will be drawn up comprehensively and univocally. Builders will then have sufficient time to submit a suitable bid.

Kim Nielsen - architect
Kim Nielsen - architect
Nieuwegein town hall is the second project on which ABT has collaborated with 3xN. On the first project, ABT was co-architect with the famous Danish firm for the design and construction of the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ/Bimhuis in Amsterdam (click here for further information on the BIMhuis).