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ABT wins second prize in CBEs international design competition

ABT Construction, together with GelukTreurniet Architects, ArchitectenConsort, DWA installation and energy consultants and the Ethiopian bureau SB Consults, participated in an international design competition for the new head office of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) in Addis Ababa. From the 21 submissions, this design was awarded the second prize.




The CBE organised the competition in accordance with the rules of the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the Association of Ethiopian Architects (AES). The design for the new head office should reinforce the status of the bank as an internationally prominent one, contribute to the skyline of the Central Business District of the Ethiopian capital, and be the first Green Building in Africa.



In the Dutch design, various public functions were accommodated in an attractive, public and accessible plinth building that links up, as regards scale and height, with the buildings in the immediate vicinity. The three-storey parking garage is situated underground. The tower comprises 41 storeys and is 165 metres high. It was designed as a lobe-shaped building with different apexes.



Attention was given in the design to different environmental and energy aspects. A specific climate characteristic of Addis Ababa is that this capital city lies 2,000 metres above sea level, and the Dutch designers took maximum advantage of this. By means of concrete core activation, the cold from the night air can be stored in the floors and be used for cooling during the day. There is thus barely any additional cooling necessary.