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OMA wins competition for Rotterdam council offices

Council office - Rotterdam
Council office -
The Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) may realise Rotterdam’s new council offices. The design by OMA, which is collaborating with ABT on this project, was selected from five nominated candidates. The new council offices must become the most sustainable building in the Netherlands.




On 21 October 2009, Hamit Karakus, alderman for Homes and Spatial Planning, announced the best design. The evaluation committee made its selections based on criteria specified by the municipality. The most important criteria included sustainability, excellent architecture and optimal compatibility with urban planning. According to the committee, OMA’s design best fulfils these criteria. In the opinion of alderman Karakus, OMA’s design is high profile and innovative. In addition, it fits in the best with the ambitions of the City of Rotterdam in the area of sustainability.


In order to fulfil Rotterdam’s ambition to realise the most sustainable building in the Netherlands, OMA, together with ABT and the renowned sustainability specialist Werner Sorbeck, developed a design that will remain adaptable through time as regards form and use. The design is based on a modular system, and as the structure consists of a steel skeleton, the design is light and flexible. The design also accommodates the highest level of the international sustainability standard (BREEAM-NL). This is apparent from the energy efficiency of the building, through the use of solar collectors and green roofs, and the way in which use will be made of daylight and rainwater collection.


ABT is involved in the project as OMA’s architecturally collaborating bureau, and ABT also provided consultancy in the selection phase about the main load-bearing structure and the installations.