complex calculations

3d constrution calculation
3d constrution
We can carry out advanced calculations for very complex in-ground and above-ground structures. This is not a question of doing one or a number of calculations, but of producing an ‘all-embracing’ calculation model. These calculation models are generally 3-dimensional to give as close an approximation to reality as possible. The programs used can handle calculations involving non-linear loads, elasticity and materials.
The Diana program is used for structural calculations and Plaxis 3D for geotechnical calculations. ABT contributes to the ongoing development of both programs.
calculation in Diana
calculation in Diana
Using this complex type of modelling makes it possible to produce more optimum designs for structures. It also enables new structures such as pile raft foundations and steel fibre concrete floors on piles. In the event of damage, we can pinpoint the cause more accurately and therefore provide better advice on repairs. It may also mean that demolition following cracking or fire is not necessary, for example.
This software can also assess the safety of the structure. Examples of its application include:
  • cases of damage
  • unclear or complex mechanics
  • detailed nodal point calculations
  • calculation of safety margins
  • variations for optimisation of materials and structures
  • temperature (concrete core activation and hydration)
  • soil-retaining structures and consolidations
  • pile raft foundations