architectural plan development

Cultureel Centrum Eemplein Amersfoort
Cultureel Centrum
Eemplein Amersfoort
A building’s design and the detailed development of its plans form an integral whole. The implementation of an architectural design therefore stands or falls by the quality of its detailed development. ABT has all the architectural, structural, building technology and cost estimation knowledge to translate a design into a technically feasible and financially viable building.
Rozet Arnhem
Rozet Arnhem
Our work on the most diverse architectural concepts has given us experience of a wide range of technologies, materials and building methods. In each case we work closely with the architect and other advisers, including the design engineer and installation adviser. This is the only way to guarantee optimum architectural development.
The quality of a construction project very much depends on how the process runs: the smoother the process, the higher the quality. Integrated project coordination handled by a single expert company from start to finish helps improve the quality, saving time and therefore money.